Backafallsbyn Hotel

Backafallsbyn conference center is located in the middle of the island. Nature, the environment and the activities of this unusual island has to offer, creates good conditions for a successful conference. The characteristic island-esteem contributes to a positive and inspiring environment, which many choose to return to.

On this beautiful and uniquely situated hotel and conference center we provide all the comfort and technology you demand. A family owned hotel with a renowned restaurant, a unique and award-winning Whiskybar and a service beyond the ordinary. Backafallsbyn has capacity for up to 144 persons. With 8 meeting rooms and three dining rooms we can host groups from 8 to 200 persons.

Backafallsbyn is located on an island where the tradition, mainly feed on farms. We are also in a region that has some of the best raw material producers, therefore, we have a strong emphasis on using locally produced raw materials, as far as possible. Thanks to our excellent location in the country's most fertile landscapes, we can do this without compromising quality.

We customize programs with elements of everything, from a tour of our distillery with a professional tasting of various distillates, especially whisky. We feel that conferences are good at attracting different experienses and adventures. Last year there were more companies on Hven than ever, having fun on a kick off together with us. The atmosphere is always on top and exciting activities of all sorts enhances this experience. With the sea close by and with walking paths in our beautiful nature is, as we say, the gold edge to your overall experience.

Welcome to us, and enjoy your stay at Spirit of Hven Backafallsbyn.



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